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What is your expertise / specialty in a few words?

We are a trusted technology advisor with subject matter experts in cloud, security, and infrastructure to solve complex and critical business problems.

I have a skills gap on my team, can Bedroc help?

Absolutely. Our Strategic Resourcing division specializes in recruiting and qualifying the top technical talent nationwide.

Where does Bedroc work geographically?

We’re headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with consultants based throughout the continental US and delivering projects globally.

What makes Bedroc different?

Our listen-first approach allows us to craft an agile, flexible, and scalable delivery model that directly meets your organizations’ expectations.

Is Bedroc a managed service provider?

We are a full-service consulting firm specializing in professional services, advisory consulting, and strategic resourcing. We have relationships with top tier managed service providers and will gladly align you with the best suited partner.

Does Bedroc sell products?

We sure do. Our advisors can coach you through product and services selection with the ability to coordinate and procure the appropriate manufacturers.

Are you vendor specific with your technology?

Our experts focus on specific technologies and maintain a vendor agnostic approach. We have industry specific partnerships and certifications with hardware and software vendors.

Where did the name Bedroc come from?

ICV Solutions, dba Bedroc, is a reference to a solid foundation. ROC is an acronym for Reduce, Optimize, Commit, which is our methodological approach to business.

Why is it Bedroc and not ‘Bedrock’?

Couldn’t afford the ‘K’

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