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Technology is the easy part.

We believe when you build on smart people, creative thinking and sound logic, a solution always comes to the surface. We’re the folks with both the know-how and gumption to solve your complex business issues through the right use of technology.

Simply put:

We take complex business issues and solve them with the right use of technology.


What We Do

When we say the “right technology,” we know what we’re talking about. We think that technology on its own will never change anything and that the coolest, newest technology isn’t always the best way to solve your problems.

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How it Gets Done

When we say we want to listen, we mean it. We want to know what your problems look and feel like so we can develop a technology plan together. Consider us your technology therapist, minus the leather couch.

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IN THE BEGINNING. The Bedroc tale begins with a common plight: short-sighted, impersonal, complicated technology solutions. What started as a vision to solve these business problems through the right application of technology, turned into the Bedroc you see today. Based in Nashville, where relationships are foundational to commerce, Bedroc aims to deliver personalized, simple, straightforward technology solutions.

TODAY. Our amazing team is made up of nearly 100 diverse personalities with deep industry experience ranging from healthcare and finance to telecommunications; from fortune 500 businesses to start-ups. We are business leaders, engineers, technology officers, entrepreneurs, designers, and strategists who take their expertise in systems design, application networking, data center architecture, and network engineering and use it to create solutions that are purpose-built, laser-focused, and highly functional. So that technology works for you, not against you.

We don’t care as much about the newest, latest, or shiniest (although we absolutely have knowledge of it) as much as we care about discovering what it is that will work for you specifically. Simply put: we take your complex business issues and solve them with the application of technology. And we have a heck of a good time doing it.

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  • Chase Wilkinson

    President & CEO

    You can’t spell “quitter” with the letters c-h-a-s-e. When you consider Chase Wilkinson’s can-do attitude, fierce loyalty, and detail-oriented mind,  it’s easy, to see why he is unfamiliar with the word “can’t.” Chase is the President and CEO of Bedroc and oversees all strategy and direction. He brings over 18 years of experience in management, engineering, and solution delivery to the proverbial Bedroc table.

    The Bedroc team calls Chase the “realists’ realist” and loves him for his unique combination of humility and decisiveness. Chase is a father of three and husband to one and is described by those who know him best as valuing “family always first.”

  • Jud Wells

    Executive Vice President, Client Experience

    When you describe the ideal client advocate, you would be talking about Jud. He sets the bar for taking care of Bedroc’s clients. Jud is an Executive Vice President at Bedroc and helps drive our can-do culture.

    Jud was the fourth employee at Bedroc. He has been a consistent influence in the development of our culture and strategy. Jud is a husband and father of two.

  • Todd Plambeck

    Vice President, Technology

    You know that guy who refuses to lose at anything and is somehow a master of a million subjects? Then you know Todd Plambeck. Todd brings excellence to his department through his determination, expertise (subjects include data center architectures, routing, switching, network protocols, application networking, optimization, load balancing and distribution) and 16 years of previous experience working on data center networking, network engineering and infrastructure.

    At Bedroc he is referred to as the “Mouth” and is appreciated for his sharp commentary on bad company names. When he’s not kicking butt and taking names on all things technology, he’s entering cycling races and triathlons at the last minute and mercilessly embarrassing all other participants.

The systems insuring over 200 million
people’s mobile technology is

built on Bedroc.

90% of the world’s countries use
mobile device protection that’s

built on Bedroc.

1/3 of all U.S hospitals use patient
access records services that are

built on Bedroc.

Over 8,000 physicians access
patients’ records through technology

built on Bedroc.

1/3 of U.S. hospitals rely on
revenue cycle management that’s

built on Bedroc.

Clients across 90 countries
rely on technology that’s

built on Bedroc.

The world’s largest
risk management firm is

built on Bedroc.

37% of Fortune 500’s members
rely on benefits that are

built on Bedroc.

Hospitals in over 20 states
across the U.S. are

built on Bedroc.

Over 2,700 dialysis
clinics in the world are

built on Bedroc.

The nation’s largest
home healthcare provider is

built on Bedroc.

Bedroc is not your average VAR or reseller. They are a strong strategic partner who are interested in building a long-term relationship based on trust and execution, not just a hardware sale or quick installation. In my experience, they have always gone above and beyond in service delivery and always give you more than you expect. Their entire staff from business development, engineering to back office support are second to none. I’d highly recommend Bedroc to anyone interested in a building a successful partnership for IT delivery.”

Joe Maynard

Ardent Health

We wanted to find a cost-effective hosting solution with fast, responsive support from a vendor who understood our immediate and long-term big-picture goals. Bedroc was consistent, informative and patient throughout the whole process, which we greatly appreciated. We would definitely recommend Bedroc as a vendor to other companies within the community.”

Waylon Envik

SVP,  inBusiness Services

I challenged Bedroc to bring in both email archiving and disaster recovery solutions. Bedroc got me set up quickly. They implemented an archiving solution that reduced our overall corporate disk consumption by about 70%, while also improving client-side performance. I’ll also now sleep better knowing they have my back on DR. Bedroc and the GreenCloud team forged a solution that is both user friendly and rock solid. Frankly, I don’t think that much about it because it’s just that dependable. With my crazy schedule, I know Bedroc is on my side and working toward the same goal I am.  It’s hard to put a price on that.”

Doug Finch

IT Manager,  GBT Realty

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Best Practices When Shifting to Remote Work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here, and it means unprecedented disruption to our way of life. Schools are closed, Main Street businesses are shuttered, and millions of workers are juggling the process of remote work.

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What Is WAN Modernization and Why Does It Matter?

Wide Area Network (WAN) used by large organizations helps to extend network coverage over a large physical area, but there are limitations. When attempting to expand a WAN over an increasingly large geographical area, account for carrier networks and manage the current demands of network traffic, they are limited. Using conventional routers, WANs backhaul much of their traffic from physical locations to a data center for security inspections and communication with the cloud.

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Five Common Questions About New Platform Integration

More than ever, the breadth of technology available to enterprise organizations to solve a diverse array of problems can be overwhelming. Gone are the days of a small handful of ERPs handling 99% of an organization’s operations. Increased development cycles, the rise of cloud-based solutions, and the ability to integrate tools seamlessly across dozens of connection points create a far more flexible ecosystem than was available ten or even just five years ago.

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7 Questions to Ask a Technology Consultant

Whether you have a sizable internal IT team or not, there are situations in which an outside IT consultant or firm is needed. 

Of course, consulting is a subjective field. There are no hard metrics by which IT firms are measured to determine if they have the experience, expertise, and vertical-specific background needed to support your business. You have to ask the right questions and vet the response to those questions in the context of your needs.

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