Who Is Bedroc?

Bedroc enables partners to put IT to work for the business, so leaders can focus on innovation and transformation strategy. Bedroc provides the peace of mind that IT is both stable and agile and the assurance their business network is built on a solid foundation to support the business strategy for today and the future.



No matter how complicated the business issues, we do everything possible to simplify them with the right use of technology. Bedroc provides the foundation necessary to help you achieve your objectives through effective alignment of technology.

We know from experience that it’s not a
question of more or less technology. More than that, it’s about the right people with the
experience, skill, and logic who find out how to get to the root of your complex business
problem and bring the right solution to the
surface – a solution that’s part of an ongoing
plan for the future.

We believe when you build on smart people, creative thinking and sound logic, a solution always comes to the surface. And we’re all about making the process simple so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We know how to turn technology into tangible business value. Bedroc’s history is rooted in networking and security and our multidisciplinary teams combine deep technical expertise, industry experience, and the operational know-how to del iver a real , competitive advantage. So whether you need a fast, smart solution to deliver measurable results, or a longer-term strategy that will disrupt the market for years to come, together, we'll get it done.

Since day one it’s been how we drive results.


Learn More About Bedroc and What Makes Us Unique

  • Chase Wilkinson

    President & CEO

    You can’t spell “quitter” with the letters c-h-a-s-e. When you consider Chase Wilkinson’s can-do attitude, fierce loyalty, and detail-oriented mind,  it’s easy, to see why he is unfamiliar with the word “can’t.” Chase is the President and CEO of Bedroc and oversees all strategy and direction. He brings over 18 years of experience in management, engineering, and solution delivery to the proverbial Bedroc table.

    The Bedroc team calls Chase the “realists’ realist” and loves him for his unique combination of humility and decisiveness. Chase is a father of three and husband to one and is described by those who know him best as valuing “family always first.”

  • Jud Wells

    Executive Vice President, Client Experience

    When you describe the ideal client advocate, you would be talking about Jud. He sets the bar for taking care of Bedroc’s clients. Jud is an Executive Vice President at Bedroc and helps drive our can-do culture.

    Jud was the fourth employee at Bedroc. He has been a consistent influence in the development of our culture and strategy. Jud is a husband and father of two.

  • Todd Plambeck

    Vice President, Technology

    You know that guy who refuses to lose at anything and is somehow a master of a million subjects? Then you know Todd Plambeck. Todd brings excellence to his department through his determination, expertise (subjects include data center architectures, routing, switching, network protocols, application networking, optimization, load balancing and distribution) and 16 years of previous experience working on data center networking, network engineering and infrastructure.

    At Bedroc he is referred to as the “Mouth” and is appreciated for his sharp commentary on bad company names. When he’s not kicking butt and taking names on all things technology, he’s entering cycling races and triathlons at the last minute and mercilessly embarrassing all other participants.