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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Bedroc provides award-winning technology expertise to clients nationwide. When you have a skills gap on your team, we offer experienced consultants to help you deliver results and exceed expectations — no matter the scope of the engagement.

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Our Core Values


We will dig down to the root of the problem. We are confident and determined and always prepared to have the tough conversations, with the willingness to do what it takes to be successful.


We are client-focused, but not at the expense of overstating our capabilities. We can work flexibly and effectively, and are focused on the ultimate success of our clients and our employees.


We are trustworthy and believe in radical candor. We say what we mean, and do what we say. And if we can't we say that too – we'll always shoot you straight.

Growth Mindset

Not an action; a state of mind. Coach-able and driven to improve. We don’t seek perfection, because perfection doesn’t grow. We are willing to take chances in order to learn.

Put People First

Bedroc is made strong by the people who have helped build it. Combining decades of experience with a knack for solving problems, our team of experts approaches each project with passion and purpose.

Our edge is our grit. We prize a workplace where ideas are tested and feedback is embraced. We value the contributions of others and know that learning is a two-way street. And we view diversity as a strength — not just a statistic.

Most of all, we understand that in technology and in business, change is the only constant. It’s not enough to break new ground — you must imagine what comes next.

Our Team

Jud Wells
President & CEO

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Keith Moreland
Chief Operating Officer

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Dallas Dover
Vice President of Operations

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Brian Morton
Vice President of Sales

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Steve Penny
Principal Advisory Consultant

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Kyle Kelley
Vice President of Client Solutions

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Jim McDugald
PMO Lead

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Preston Wills
Director of Service Delivery

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