On the Cusp – Forward Looking Technologies and Their Impact in Collaboration Now – pt. 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Click here to read Part 1 It’s no secret that the use of the smartphone has radically altered almost every aspect of our day to day lives, and the workplace collaboration suite of tools is no exception. In the past five years, I’ve gone from being yoked to a desk where I made and received calls and voicemail to a place where I now seamlessly interact with customers and colleagues via the Webex Teams app on my smart phone using voice, IM, and video – all while being miles away from my office or even up in the air. This reduces my need to take up valuable office space and energy, and it eliminates the need to commute most of the time resulting in more overall work being done. Cha-ching. Read More

Cisco Spark Board

Why Cloud-Based Collaboration is a Post-M&A Requirement – Part 2

How Cisco Spark enables collaboration without compromise (cont. from Part 1 here) After evaluating several solutions, Cisco Spark emerged as the clear winner. Cisco Spark is a cloud-based offering that integrates with WebEx and other Cisco products such as Cisco Spark Board, a touch-based, three-in-one collaboration device for wireless presentation, whiteboarding and videoconferencing. One of Cisco Spark’s key differentiators is that it’s delivered entirely from the Cisco cloud, which reduces the expense, complexity and limitations of proprietary video systems and platforms. Read More