WiFi 6: Leveraging the Next Generation of Wireless

We live in an age of perpetual, constant connectivity. The events of 2020 have shown just how reliant we are on high-speed wireless connectivity as tens of millions of employees work from home alongside their children shifting to remote learning. Whether it’s a busy office or a packed household, it’s not uncommon for several people to be streaming data-hungry video conversations over WiFi.  Read More

Digital Transformation Trends IT Leaders Should Focus on Right Now

In March 2020, millions of office workers became work-from-home employees overnight. Hundreds of these workers are still working from home offices or kitchen tables; and others are taking on hybrid working roles, in which they work some days from home and some from the office, on a rotating schedule. Read More

Cloud Networking

How Cloud Networking Prepares Your Organization for the Future

2020 has provided an important reminder that you can never be too prepared. As millions of employees shifted to remote work and many companies have fundamentally restructured their operations as a result, it’s more important than ever to have a cloud networking strategy that is forward-thinking. Read More

Multi Factor Authentication

How to Improve Password Security for Your Organization

No one likes passwords. They are difficult to remember, must be updated frequently to remain effective, and can be compromised across multiple accounts if there is a breach. But passwords aren’t just a headache for employees. They can have a significant impact on productivity in organizations that must field IT help desks for password resets and absorb hours of lost productivity when someone is locked out of their accounts. In fact, nearly 20% of employees report lost productivity due to being locked out of their accounts. Read More