How Your Baby Monitor, Smart Thermostat and Tablet Helped Hackers Bring Down the Internet.

On Friday, October 21, a massive cyberattack affected many users of popular websites like Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, Spotify and Airbnb, among others. Dyn, a company that manages website domains and routes internet traffic, experienced two distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its DNS servers, beginning at 7am on Friday. A DDoS attack is an attempt to flood a website with so much traffic that it collapses under the load. Think the volume of a fire hydrant rushing through a garden hose. Read More


Could Mr. Robot Hack Your Vote?

There are only 18 days left until (hopefully) everyone heads to their neighborhood polling locations to vote for the next U.S. President, a few Senators, their U.S. Representatives and a slew of state and local offices. A large majority of us will vote the old-fashioned way, with some version of a paper ballot, either with a pen checking boxes or a machine punching holes. A handful will vote with a voting computer that will also produce a verifiable paper receipt. Fewer people still will use voting computers with no paper trail. Read More

FireEye: A Full Solution

by Todd Plambeck, VP of Technology at Bedroc I recently attended a Lunch & Learn with our regional FireEye Team. My goal of attending the meeting was to understand the integration capabilities of the FireEye Solution and how the Mandiant Endpoint Software (now HX) features are progressing. Bedroc has been a FireEye Partner for approximately eighteen months and was recognized at FireEye’s Momentum 2015 Conference for putting together one of their largest deals of 2014. Read More