Infrastructure Review

What to Expect from an Infrastructure Review

In a fast-paced environment, in which technology is changing rapidly to meet the needs of your business, it’s important to know if the systems you have in place support your vision. Do you have the necessary IT infrastructure and resources to support the activity, connectivity, and performance needs of your organization in both the short and long term? That’s what an infrastructure review is designed to identify.  Read More

Preparing for a FISMA Audit: 3 Crucial Steps

Originally passed in 2002, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires all federal agencies to implement, manage, and monitor plans to protect their most sensitive data. Since then, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established specific criteria by which organizations can be evaluated to determine if they are FISMA compliant. These compliance procedures involve meeting minimum requirements for information security procedures, outline specific types of systems and security protocols that agencies must match, and the process by which they should approve vendors to meet the same compliance standards. They also create a standard risk assessment process, allowing individual agencies to address concerns based on their unique security requirements.  Read More

AI Security

AI and the Security Vulnerabilities it Presents

Artificial intelligence is transforming business as we know it. What started as a highly technical industry that was impacting only the most granular of business systems is projected to grow to $190 billion in market value by 2025, with annual growth between now and 2027 projected to eclipse 33%. What’s more striking is how big of an impact AI is expected to have. By 2030, it’s expected that AI will drive a 26% increase in global GDP - amounting to an additional $15.7 trillion in production.  Read More

The Growing Threat of IoT

Technology often outpaces the means by which we can protect that technology. The rush to develop exciting new devices, tools, and software platforms leave security measures behind, creating massive opportunities for bad actors. One of the biggest emerging threats right now is that of the Internet of Things (IoT) - devices constantly connected to the Internet to provide an immersive, personalized user experience.  Read More

Business Continuity Plan

Improving Your Business Continuity Plan in 4 Steps

Capping a growing trend over the last decade, 2020 was a boom year for cybersecurity breaches, with 36 billion records exposed in the first half of the year alone, and 88% of organizations reporting some form of spear-phishing attempts the calendar year before. There’s a reason the information security market is expected to reach $170 billion next year as companies of all sizes attempt to reduce risk across all surfaces.  Read More