I recently spent some time getting to know the Cisco CMX solution. You might ask, what is the Cisco CMX solution? I’m glad you asked, because over the next series of posts we’ll look at CMX and its components. The Cisco Connected Mobile Experience or CMX as we’ll refer to it from here on is Cisco’s solution to transform your existing network into a customer experience engine. When I first I heard that I thought “that sounds cool, and expensive”. I wanted to take a deeper look to understand how cool, and how expensive?

Do I care?

Before we look at that let’s ponder something… do IT folks care about marketing analytics, customer trends, engaging with customers, etc.? I know as a wireless engineer the answer for me at times has been a resounding NO, but I’m sure that marketing and leadership teams would love to capture this kind of information to better serve their customers. As an IT guy I want to provide more value to my organization rather than being “non-revenue producing”, so maybe I do care about something like this just a little bit.

What is Experience?

So now that I care about this; Imagine if we could engage our customers in the parking lot before they ever entered our buildings or we could provide data to know when our company’s peak traffic times exist. What about a customer coming onto a large campus and being engaged with directions to their exact location? If I have retail customers I might want to know how many of them are repeat customers. Sound interesting? We are just scratching the surface at what’s possible with this solution.

Cisco will tell you that there are CMX use cases for Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Manufacturing. Let’s look at a couple of those scenarios:


Scenario 1 – A hospital with a large campus would like to engage their customers better. They would like to provide a personal experience for the patient by providing them with turn by turn directions to their destination on campus.

They would also like to know at what times are the busiest to better staff Admin desks and security staff. Lastly, they would like to know how many unique visitors that they have each day on their campus. Check, Check, and Check, we can do all of these with the CMX solution.



Scenario 2 – A large retail chain who has the desire to engage their customers digitally with a custom internet portal and mobile app. With Cisco CMX we can allow them to offer their customers free WiFi while also capturing crucial information about that customer.

In return they are providing their customer with a richer shopping experience by offering them exclusive deals tied to their interest, location within the store, time spent in one area, the possibilities go on and on.. As well as on average most customers will spend more time within the store due to this enhanced experience.



Cool, but what about expensive?

These solutions can be custom designed to your unique environment. Currently there are small businesses just running one access point with CMX enabled and gathering information about the number of visitors, new and repeat visitors, peak traffic hours, etc.  As well as enterprise environments who are looking to provide a fully engaging customer experience. At Bedroc we can work with you to determine your custom requirements and come up with a solution that is right for you. There are some great promo’s going on right now and we would like to help you to try this out for free. Give us a shout we’d love to chat!