"Operating" Is Not A Measure Of Success

Ensuring Fidelity at the DNA Level

Systems and Identity Services

Directory optimization services from Bedroc are designed to go beyond the binary of "working" and "not working". We work closely with you to strengthen security, streamline the user experience, ensure business continuity assurance, and support acquisition due diligence. This is done through:  

  • Infrastructure review to evaluate policy and process, including directory architecture, group policy, and DNS / DHCP review
  • Security review to optimize protection through file share review, user account review and more.
  • Additional support including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign On (SSO), Active Directory Migration, and O365 Migration

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How it Gets Done

When we say we want to listen, we mean it. We want to know what your problems look and feel like so we can develop a technology plan together. Consider us your technology therapist, minus the leather couch

National Healthcare Organization
  • National Healthcare Organization
    Bedroc helped minimize issue resolution time, increased uptime, ensured better regulation compliance and standardized policy for the organization.
National Medical Device Retailer
  • National Medical Device Retailer
    Bedroc helped cut vulnerability and risk of exploitation by more than 50% through implementing a patch management program, satisfying the due diligence and compliance requirements for the company's IPO.

Building On Your Foundation for Success

Privilege Access Management Beyond Active Directory

Bedroc works closely with organizations to perform comprehensive evaluations of their current infrastructure and security policies to verify best practices, ensure optimal design, and streamline efforts. This helps provide:

  • Improved login speed and user experience
  • Support for scalability of future policy changes
  • Overall architecture review and recommendations for improvement
  • Improvements to file share strategy with a reduction in storage capacity and bandwidth needs
  • Improved security by addressing the most common source of a data breach

Protect Your Organization

Secure Your Active Directory and Identity Verification Systems


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