WAN Modernization For Your Organization

Transforming Beyond the Enterprise

Network Architecture

Legacy networks cannot keep pace with evolving business needs. Businesses are facing challenges like scalability, growing bandwidth demands, and application delivery. Additional challenges in the market include:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive security posture with the right technology implemented in the right way.
  • Scalability to match the growing needs of your organization.
  • Cloud adoption to meet the reality of cloud migration and the needs of remote work.

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How it Gets Done

When we say we want to listen, we mean it. We want to know what your problems look and feel like so we can develop a technology plan together. Consider us your technology therapist, minus the leather couch

National Healthcare Technology Company
  • National Healthcare Technology Company
    Bedroc implemented an end-to-end solution to address operational and security concerns with SD-WAN, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system and end-user training
Global Insurer and Financial Institution


A holistic approach WAN design, application delivery and security

Traditional WAN forces all Internet and cloud-bound traffic to be back-hauled through the data center or central egress point, causing undue latency. Through WAN modernization, organizations benefit from increased resiliency, application optimization, and centralized security policy. This is done by:

  • SD-WAN enables internet provider consolidation and cost reduction
  • Cloud Exchange Point (CXP) centralizes policy enforcement, enables greater scalability, and improves performance.
  • Secure Access Web Gateway increases app performance nad availability, improves WAN security, and provides several operational efficiencies.

Modernize Your Connectivity

How to overcome challenges with existing networks for increased bandwidth at lower costs.


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