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An In-depth Analysis of Your Current Firewall System

Firewall Assessment

The Bedroc Firewall Assessment is an in-depth analysis of your current firewall system, which includes design topology, platform and firmware life-cycle, current configuration, and best practices for policies and rule-sets. This assessment helps gauge security posture, regulatory compliance, vulnerability, fault tolerance, and performance. Armed with an accurate assessment of your firewall implementation, your team can compare compliance with corporate and external governing policies, identify and prioritize improvement areas as needed, and put focused plans in place to improve their overall security positioning. Bedroc’s Firewall Assessment is conducted across four areas of IT Security:

  • Architecture and Infrastructure
  • System Configuration
  • Security Definitions
  • Administrative Processes

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Architecture + Infrastructure
Architecture + Infrastructure
System Configuration
System Configuration
Security Definitions
Security Definitions
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How it Gets Done

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Why Assess?

The 4 Areas To Inspect in Every Firewall


  1. Architecture and Infrastructure: The underlying architecture and infrastructure of firewall implementations are often overlooked in security audits. At Bedroc, we probe into your architecture and infrastructure and compare against industry recommendations and best practices. We also look at current equipment, identify known vulnerabilities or bugs, and compare against the manufacturer’s platform lifecycle to ensure availability, resiliency, and scalability.
  2. System Configuration: We look under the hood of the firewall software and assess the configuration of the OS to ensure compliance with industry standards. Our experts will evaluate areas such as system access and time management operations, as well as network routing, system logging, and automatic back-up practices.
  3. Security Definitions: Bedroc’s actionable reports offer prioritized recommendations – The Security Definitions assessment includes an audit of the policies and rule-sets put in place to control communications through the firewall. The Bedroc FW Assessment reviews “allowed” services and applications, compare against all customized to your industry standards for zero-trust, and assess susceptibility to modern-day threats including malware, data leakage, as well as command and control communication. We also include Best Practices Assessments for major industry platforms as part of your report.
  4. Administrative Processes: As part of the FW Assessment, Bedroc will also include an audit of the processes in place to manage and administer the firewall system. All update, backup, disaster-recovery and change management processes are evaluated and measured against industry best practices.

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