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(Photo: Joe Tuttle, the first Nashville State Community College graduate to complete the Bedroc Technician Program, was recently promoted to Associate Solutions Engineer.)

Bedroc reinforced its passion and commitment to developing technology talent in Middle Tennessee through its recent partnership with Nashville State Community College, Pencil Foundation, Opportunity Now and Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. Through these partnerships, Bedroc aims to support education and development programs and provide enrichment opportunities for Middle Tennessee youth through career.

“Bedroc’s passion is to give talented people an opportunity to grow,” said Mike Atlas, Chief Operating Officer at Bedroc. “We knew we wanted to help develop the technology community around us, from kindergarten through career placement. We are excited to support organizations with the same mission in mind and to back the Nashville community that has been instrumental in Bedroc’s growth for the last ten years.”

Bedroc is already seeing positive effects of these partnerships. This summer, Bedroc hosted two interns through Opportunity Now. This partnership allowed the high school students to gain valuable experience in the workplace while introducing them to career options in IT. In 2018 Joe Tuttle, a student in the Computer Networking Technology program at Nashville State Community College, started the Bedroc Technician Program, a tiered program that creates a pathway of growth. He has since moved up five levels and completed four certifications (CCENT, CCNA, CMNA, ACMA ACE). In a year, Tuttle went from a Technician Level One to an Associate Solutions Engineer and was the first Nashville State Community College graduate to complete the Bedroc Technician Program from beginning to end.

Tuttle expressed, “Bedroc was willing to take a chance on me with little relevant experience. The team has a true interest in my growth and development. When I need help, team members are willing to take the time to develop me. I enjoy the culture and comradery we have. My future is bright at Bedroc!”

Bedroc plans to continue this momentum and to foster more opportunities for the Nashville community, starting at a young age. “We are uniquely positioned to develop the next generation of technology talent entering the workforce, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly,” said Atlas.

To find out more about our philanthropic partnerships, contact us below.