The key to success in modern organizations is the careful alignment of information technology investments and projects to critical business strategies. To achieve the full potential in increased revenue and productivity you must lead with a thoughtful plan and outstanding execution. Is your organization positioned to understand which projects may contribute most to your success, to maximize profits and the bottom-line?

If your IT department is pointing fingers at each other instead of celebrating strategic wins, consider how you can adjust your efforts to navigate the turbulent waters of the year ahead. Continue reading for signs that your organization can benefit from having an information technology consultant on your side.

Strategy Creation and Maintenance

There are a variety of reasons organizations might experience difficulty creating and maintaining effective IT strategies.

  • External Influences on Your Business 

Your organization doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Along with a range of industry trends, changes in social, economic, and political circumstances can affect the way your business operates. Look no further than the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic to see how the impact of external events can impact your business. As NPR reported in May 2020, an estimated 33% of Americans were working from home, many of them suddenly overnight.  As external forces create sudden and drastic changes in the way your organization needs to function, your technology strategy must also adapt in real-time, otherwise, you are threatened with business failure.

  • Your Organization’s Growth Outpaces Its Information Technology Capabilities Does your revenue chart look like a hockey stick while your employees are struggling just to keep up with technology demands? When organizations experience exponential growth it may easily outpace their current technology strategy and resources.   Oftentimes, your best option is to bring in highly experienced assistance from an accomplished IT advisory services firm to help your team shift from a reactive to a proactive posture.
  • Your Technology Strategy Isn’t Delivering Business Value 

Investing in information technology can be expensive. If you’re not seeing the return on investment that you expect, it could be that you’re choosing the wrong projects or investing in the wrong technologies. You may need a fresh perspective on aligning technology efforts with critical business outcomes to deliver the value you demand.

  • Increased Industry Regulations Necessitate Constant Strategy Changes Many organizations compete in highly regulated industries, such as telecom, healthcare, oil and gas, and finance, where new laws and regulations are constantly being defined and enforced. With rapid changes in these highly regulated industries, your information technology strategy must be as flexible and responsive as possible.

Are You Facing Major Strategic Changes?

Organizations facing major strategic changes from internal or external forces may benefit from the assistance of an experienced IT advisory services firm. Consider some of the major changes that may have influenced your operations in 2020 and how the continued impact of these changes will impact your decisions in 2021 and beyond.

  • Adjusting to Remote Work Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Organizations in 2020 have seen many changes in the way workforces operate, resulting in a rapid change to technological capabilities. With the coronavirus pandemic shuttering many offices and requiring large numbers of employees to work remotely, IT service demands have been changing like never before. These unforeseen changes have had lingering effects and have created new risks that simply must be addressed.  Partnering with an experienced IT advisory services firm can expedite your journey to a mature technology platform and effectively manage technology risk.

  • Preparing and Reacting to New Growth Goals

If your organization is on an aggressive path to grow and scale, you’ll need the proper software applications, mobile apps, and resources for your journey. In many organizations, the in-house staff doesn’t have experience with these new challenges.  Partnering with an IT advisory services firm is imperative to effectively meeting your goals.

  • Responding to New Industry Regulations

Many organizations operate in highly-regulated industries. Staying on top of regulatory requirements is especially challenging for organizations that operate in multiple states and countries. An IT advisory services organization is experienced with managing and complying with industry regulations and helps your firm adapt to these ever-changing requirements.

Finding the Right IT Advisory Services Firm for Your Organization

By partnering with an IT advisory services firm for your organization’s ever-changing information technology needs, you gain an experienced team with a multi-disciplinary approach. The firm should have a proven record of helping organizations respond and adapt to internal and external changes. You want someone who has walked in your shoes and understands the nature of the challenges you face.

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